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Physics problems that I either came across at some moment or created myself, that I thought to be interesting, beautiful and/or tricky. Most of them are on elementary topics.

Asymmetrically floating box

(Sav. 4.2.19 [1]) The cubic box is floating submerged by half in the water and tilted by angle α. Determine the masses of the two lower edges (marked in the figure, the ones that are perpendicular to the plane of the figure). Ignore the mass of other parts of the box. The density of water is ρ, the length of each edge of the box is a.


Falling stick with friction

(I made it approximately in 8th or 9th grade.) A stick of length l standing vertically on a horizontal plane with friction starts falling from the unstable vertical position until it hits the plane. Its center of mass was displaced by distance x. Find the coefficient of friction between the stick and the plane.


  1. O. Ya. Savchenko "Zadachi po fizike" ("Problems in physics"), 2nd ed., Moscow: Nauka, 1988 (in Russian) (Spanish version).