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Windows programs

These programs work well under Wine on Linux
  • Fool: The most popular Russian card game. This file was originally in Russian and I took some time in the past to edit the executable to make it English so that people outside Russia could enjoy it too.
  • Nucleon: Another game.
  • IrfanView 3.02: One of the early versions of the well known graphic viewer for Windows. Great functionality for such a tiny size.
  • Crossword: Crossword puzzles.
  • WordWeb 4: A great English dictionary for Windows, with transcription, synonyms, antonyms, related words, different meanings, and more. This is version 4 when it used to be normal; the current version is 5 and besides unnecessary add-ons it is distributed under a ridiculous license. In my package I put the instructions for the installation with Wine.
  • WordZap (classic): A word game - make words out of given letters faster than the computer. No more hopeless - I could run it under Wine! All you need to do is either enable "Emulate virtual desktop" option or disable "Allow window manager to control windows" in Wine Configuration (winecfg). I like the latter better.
  • Pocket Oxford Dictionary (POD)

DOS programs

These work fine under any DOS emulator (like DOSBox)
  • Chessmaster 2100: A great chess game with different difficulty leves, a database of famous chessmasters' games, and more.
  • BabyType: Typing learning program (I used gtypist too).
  • bat2com, com2exe: DOS file format converters.
  • Old games: Very old text-mode games from the 1980s. I like the "Sherlock Holmes" one, though I couldn't go higher than 12 out of 100.

Helpful utilities

  • Explore2fs: browse ext3 partitions from Windows.