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Nizhny Novgorod

Web cameras in Nizhny Novgorod

Not all Web cameras work flawlessly. Some work from time to time, stop working, and then work again.

2011-02-04 update: The Web site has a page with working Web cameras in Nizhny. They are not as high-quality as some of the above, but most of them work.

2014-11-12 update: The cell phone provider MegaFon created a project which includes Web cameras in many places in Nizhny (as well as other cities). Below is the list. 2015-03-08 update: unfortunately, the project was closed. 2015-05-10 update: The cameras work again!

2020-09-01 update: All previously listed Web cameras are defunct. I found a few working ones. They don't offer nice views, mostly construction sites and traffic.

Nizhny Novgorod Street View

As it can be seen, Google Street View currently has no plans on covering Russian cities. The people on portal decided not to wait and made Nizhny Novgorod Street View right on the portal! The streets showing in red on the top half are photographed; the bottom half has controls, including the full screen option for the best view. You walk by clicking on the black arrow.

2011-01-30 update: Yandex Maps now has the service similar to Google Street View. Here is the map of downtown Nizhny with street view. The streets in blue are photographed; single click on the desired place opens street view on the map. You can click the "full screen" icon on the top right to enjoy walking around.

2012-11-01 update: After Moscow and St Petersburg, Google Street View is starting to cover Nizhny. Finally.

2013-03-23 update: As of 2013-03-06, Nizhny Novgorod is covered by Google Street View. Example.

Online resources about Nizhny Novgorod

My old article about Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod was founded in 1221. It is situated around the place where the Oka River flows into the Volga. It is divided into two parts: the higher one is on a big hill, it is the historical center of the city; the lower part is on the other bank of the Oka, it is bigger and more industrial. One of the towers of the Kremlin

Nizhny Novgorod's population is about two million people, it is the third Russian metropolitan area after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is quite close to Moscow, 435 kilometers/270 miles distance. That's why we Nizhegorodians can immediately get to Moscow when necessary - only one night by train. What's the weather like in Moscow today? We'll have the same tomorrow. We, too, have our Kremlin - without a president but with the City Parliament. On the right you can see one of the Kremlin's 12 towers. The Kremlin is the oldest building in our city, it was built in 1372 (to be more exact, at that time some towers were built, the entire Kremlin was completed in 1564). The Kanavinsky Bridge

And this is the Kanavinsky Bridge which connects the higher and the lower parts of the city. Look a little to the right - you can't see it in the picture - there is the end of the Oka there, it flows its water into the Volga. This place is called Strelka (Arrow). In the picture, you are on the right bank of the Oka (the higher part) looking at the lower part on the background. There are three more bridges over the Oka river in Nizhny Novgorod. City Subway

Sometimes the city transportation can be slow, especially in winter. The subway can help in this case (one of the subway stations you can see on the right). Unfortunately, it is only in the lower part. The city government is going to expand it into the higher one, but it didn't find money yet to do it. I understand them - it's kind of hard to make a subway under the bottom of the Oka and then make an exit when the surface is 100 meters above! The Drama Theater

From Minin Square where the main entrance to the Kremlin is situated Bolshaya Pokrovka Street begins. It's known as the main street of the city. It is only for pedestrians, cars or buses never appear there (I should say should not appear - sometimes you can see a police car going very slow through the crowd). So it's always full of people going to the both directions along. This is the very downtown. It is the street of the most expensive stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs and whatnot. There is the City Bank and such a beautiful Drama Theater (the photo on the left). The space in front of it is called Theater Square, though you might not find this name in a guide book. Orlenok Movie Theater There are also some movie theaters on Bolshaya Pokrovka Street, one of them is for kids - the one you see on the right. It is called Orlenok (Baby Eagle). To the left, next to it there is the Puppet Theater, and farther, on the same side, another movie theater named Oktyabr (October - not because we love this month so much, but because it was built when almost everything used to be called for Lenin and Socialist Revolution of October 1917). To the right next to Orlenok, across University Lane, there is one of the buildings of Nizhny Novgorod State University where my favorite Internet center is situated.

This is Nizhny Novgorod, my home city.

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