Unlimited-precision arithmetic

Synonyms: multiple precision arithmetic, multiple precision numbers, arbitrary precision arithmetic, arbitrary precision numbers, bignums, big numbers

C++ Unlimited-precision arithmetic library

Now this is a part of Arageli library. You can also try my old BP 7.0 unlimited-precision arithmetic package.

Free systems and libraries for doing number theory and computer algebra


Simple big rational calculator

The simplest big rational calculator is available for DOS and MS-Windows. The calculator is very simple and I think it does not need manual. Try these:

  25 div 4;
  25 mod 4;

(Don't forget semicolon at the end of each expression)

You can try also 10000!; and compare the time required with one required for the computation of 10000 factorial in Maple (c) or in Matlab (c) or in your other preferable mathematical package.

You can download binaries:

The program is written on the base of my unlimited-precision arithmetic library (C++).

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